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This website has been built using the currently accepted best practices and web standards as recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium. Also this website has been tested on the latest versions of the five most popular Internet Browsers (which also happen to be free!) on a variety of platforms. However it is impractical for us to test this website on all possible combinations of devices, internet-connections, operating-systems, and browsers.

Therefore, if you have any problems or recommendations concerning this website then we would be very pleased to hear from you by emailing Below are some handy hints which you may find useful.

To ensure you get the most from the Internet and for security reasons it is normally advisable to ensure that you keep your Operating System and Browser up-to-date with the latest software versions and service packs. If you are using Microsoft Windows as your Operating System then you can ensure it remains up-to-date by opening Internet Explorer and clicking on Tools->Windows Update and following the instructions given. However your computer may already be setup to update your Operating System automatically so this may not be necessary.

To determine which Browser and which version you are currently using click on Help->About. You can obtain the latest versions (which may change quite frequently) of the most popular browsers for free from the following links (the latest versions as of 10th January 2010 are also shown):